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Scroll down the page to uncover lots of articles about a range of subjects. Click on the title of the article to read the article.

Leaving & coming alongside
Some useful ideas on how to make coming alongside pontoons and harbour walls more relaxing (download the article - here)

Radar in a RIB??
Radars in small boats are cheaper and easier to fit than ever. why not give it some thought. (download the article - here)

Article by Ingrid Abery
Lets get some training
Ingrid Abery is a widely respected journalist and photographer. See what she thought when she did her Level 2 course. (download the article - here)

Who needs charts?
A thought provoking article challenging the drive towards a paperless boat. (download the article - here)

Lost someone? The you may need a search pattern
If you were ever unfortunate enough to have to take part in a search this article gives you some useful hints on how to approach it. (download the article - here)

Passage Planning
Some useful ideas and thoughts on the subject of planning and executing passages. (download the article - here)

Gareth goes training
Follow Gareth Welton of RIB International as he finally gets round to taking the training course he always promised himself. (download the article - here)

Using GPS
Do some basic research amongst friends with boats and you will find the most popular ‘accessory’ is a GPS, probe a little further to explore why they have bought a GPS  and things often start to get a little vague with references to  “ so I can tell how fast I am going”  or “it tells me my position”.

When i was young.....
know that you are getting older when the driver next to you at the traffic lights looks not a day over 12 as he burns off in his souped up Vauxhall Corsa. What next? Kids racing powerboats and taking powerboat courses – never!..........

Poole Harbour ~ St Tropez of the South
Or so says the tourist literature, a grand claim for somewhere in the UK but what’s it like as a place to go boating? Paul Glatzel reports.
It’s that time of the year again and you’re sitting there thinking about what a new season’s boating will bring......

Get some training
I In Jon Mendez’s previous article he detailed the changes to the National Powerboat Scheme and outlined the courses available. But which course is right for you and what do they each involve? ......

Courtesy of Motor Boats & Yachting
Swot team
If you cruise foreign parts, an International Certificate of Competence is as essential as your passport and Mastercard. And there's no better place to take the two day course than under some French sun......

Courtesy of Racing Days
Zapped in a Zapcat?
"Swap your trusty steed for a tiny little boat down on the Solent for a day. Those Zapcat thingies, for instance, now they sound fun!" the Editor suggested rather cryptically at the end of a brain-stormin  .......

Courtesy of Boatlaunch
Successful Launching?
Many would-be trailer boaters are put off by the potential difficulties of launching and recovering a boat, their fears no doubt reinforced by watching some poor soul   .......

Riding the Edge?
A blustery unsettled day with the threat of gale force winds promised to put a damper on our test of these two new attractive looking Regals – or perhaps those gales were to .......

Paul Glatzel of   Powerboat   Training UK 
Boating in Florida
“You deserve a break, go to Florida to check out the boating there – fly Business Class just spend what ever you need to” ….. okay the Sportsboat budget   .......

Courtesy of Icom UK
What is a DSC Controller?
A DSC controller is a unit that encodes and interprets DSC messages. In some radios this is built-in and in others it is an external ‘add-on’. There are various classes of DSC controller with varying.......

Courtesy of Icom UK
What is GMDSS, DSC & MMSI numbers?
The SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) International convention lays down a wide range of measures designed to improve and maintain the safety of shipping. It applies to a wide range .......

Australian Marine Agency

“Correct Navigation lights………”
A straight forward explanation of the correct Navigation Lights for both powerboats & yachts......

Australian Marine Agency

“Diving ………”
A useful article for those who dive with some handy hints and reminders ......

Paul Glatzel of   Powerboat   Training UK 

“Gone with the wind …"     ~ Windermere Speed Week
104mph with your face about 6 inches off the water – you must be mad! No, he’s Nigel Edwards and he’s just got another new National Record at the 34th Windermere Speed Week. ......

Australian Marine Agency

“Buoyage ………”
If you want some clear explanations about lateral marks and cardinal marks then check out this excellent series of visuals & descriptions......

Australian Marine Agency 

“Rules of the road………”
A clear explanation of the rules of the road for both powerboaters and sailing vessels......

Paul Glatzel of   Powerboat   Training UK 

“Portland Coastguard, Portland Coastguard ………”
If you boat on the South Coast in the area to the west of the Solent and monitor your VHF then there’s no doubt that you will hear plenty of conversations between boaters......

Quick as a flash!! ~ A glorious English summer
Quicksilver is not immediately a name you will associate with a range of powerboats as you may recognise it as the product name given to the accessories/spares range.......

Paul Glatzel of   Powerboat   Training UK 

Cruising in a sportsboat
Most of us with sportsboats probably started out in the same way – skiing, blasting around the local bay, trips to the beach with friends and so on. After a while though, and as your confidence grows...........

Courtesy of Icom UK
Why not to use a mobile phone instead of a VHF?
Modern marine electronic equipment fitted to a craft, regardless of size, is designed to operate normally when in close proximity to other items of marine electronic equipment. Specifically, marine.......

Courtesy of Icom UK Choosing a VHF
This guide is intended to help you choose the most suitable products to help you communicate when at sea. It is not intended to replace guidance from professional radio resellers.......

Paul Glatzel of   Powerboat   Training UK  RNLI Atlantic Helmsmans course
If you are ever unfortunate enough to run into trouble at sea then there won’t be a better sight than a RNLI RIB heading towards you at speed to take you in tow......

Winterise your Outboard
It's that time of the year again. If you live in a part of the world where the days are rapidly getting cooler and shorter, it just might be getting close to being time to put the boat away for the......

Rib.net logo
So you want to charter a RIB
This thread is posted  following John’s request for me to start a discussion on the subject. I sincerely hope that I have not made any mistakes but this is a bit of a minefield of an area ........

White Shark boats - Zidane or Ginola?
Just look at the photos, what adjectives would you associate with White Shark – butch, aggressive, confident? – and what about a country –it surely has to be  Australia, Canada or the........

A new boater's experience
“Hi, I’ve just bought a Mariah, I’m bringing it back to Poole from Southampton and want an Instructor to spend some time with me when I reach Poole,” was the way I first got to know of Shani......

Stuart McNamara of Lough Ree
Killcords - a sobering lesson
We were shocked recently with what we encountered with two "spurious" or or "non Yamaha" Yamaha out board engine Kill cords . During the the last few weeks, while stopping off ......

Dave Mallett of Wavelength Training Flares - how to do it and not do it
When you have been a coastguard for twenty years or so you tend to think that you have heard it all. However there is always someone out there to prove the saying “there is now’t as queer as folk”!

Paul Glatzel of   Powerboat   Training UK  Rescuing a craft on a lee shore
It was blowing up to Force 6 and squally with it - not the sort of day you would choose for a pleasure trip. However, dozens of intrepid dinghy sailors had journeyed from far and wide......

Paul Glatzel of   Powerboat   Training UK  Rough water handling in a RIB - part 2
In the first article in this series we looked at how to handle a RIB upwind and how to deal with beam seas. We summarised that the key was management of the throttle......

Paul Glatzel of   Powerboat   Training UK  Rough water handling in a RIB - part 1 
In the same way that Land Rovers appeal to those who just drive off-road in Tesco’s car park as well those keen to wallow knee deep in gooey mud then so too RIBs are bought ....

Dave Mallett of Wavelength Training Anchoring - some tips, hints & tales
Ask any potential powerboat instructor during his instructor course what he would do should his motor fail, leaving him drifting out to sea and he will invariably answer that he should anchor the.....

Propellers - Selecting the Best Prop for Your Boat
One of the primary factors in propeller selection is choosing a propeller that allows the engine to operate at the maximum recommended engine RPM at full throttle. This requires.....

'In the balance'
It is a fact that RIBs, like a lot of other small powered craft, are subject to being very sensitive to weight distribution. Trim, a word used to describe the angle or attitude of a craft when underway....

Propellers - get to know yours!
The propeller. It's that metal thing that spins on the back of your boat to make it move. It is often overlooked by some boaters - if they have one, and the boat works.......

Dave Robson of Aquapower
The new VHF exams.
If you use any marine band VHF Radio equipment (including hand-held radios), you are required by law to have an operators certificate, obtained from the RYA, which authorises you to.....

Outboards -  the pros and cons of each type?
With the increase in environmental pollution and in a quest to reduce harmful emissions, the various environmental agencies have been coming out with stricter regulations on an........

Paul Glatzel of   Powerboat   Training UK  Some knots you must know how to use.
No doubt there are entire web-sites dedicated to the multitude of knots that you can use  when boating. Powerboaters generally  though can get by with just four. Knowing how to.....

Sea Cadets
Canoe Rescue
In general, canoeists provide their own rescue cover and are understandably wary of power vessels manoeuvring close by. In some circumstances however .....

Propellers - ventilation, cavitation & more.
Propeller ventilation is caused by air from the surface or exhaust gases being drawn into the rotating propeller blades. This results in the propeller slipping more than usual due......

The art of safe and successful anchoring
Knowing how to anchor your boat safely is essential both as a safety measure and if you are to be able to relax fully when anchored in a quiet cove for an afternoon ......

Teeside Nautical Studies
So you've got level 2!
Congratulations, you’ve done all the hard work in choosing a RYA powerboat centre, decided on a convenient date, bribed the wife (or husband) and told......

Paul Glatzel of   Powerboat   Training UK  Powerboat Racing  
As highlighted in a previous Sportsboat article with more and more affordable routes into powerboat racing there has never been a better time to start in this exhilarating......

Sovereign Sportsboat Training
How to safely pass through a lock
A large lock can seem a daunting challenge to any  powerboater.  Saturday morning in July, twenty boats all gathering to squeeze into a confined and congested space.......

Paul Glatzel of   Powerboat   Training UK  It's easy to throw - if you know how
We've all done it, picked up a coil of rope held gallantly on to it and thrown the remainder to the expectant helper on the pontoon only to see our effort 'plop' pathetically......

'Heavy weather handling'
Skillfully handling a small craft in a heavy sea is an art, and like any art, its fascination is the elusive nature of its mastery. There is not a seaman alive who can claim to have.....

Towing at sea
If you use your boat regularly then it's a sure bet that eventually you will be involved in a towing job of some sort or another. If you are a careful owner, and very lucky, you will be towing......

Rules of the Road
If you thought you left the rules behind you as soon as you left the car and jumped into your boat, think again. Don’t worry though, they're not there to restrict your fun - knowing the basic......

How to launch and retain your dignity
Being able to trail your boat to different venues is a real benefit, but there are some golden rules to follow if you are to launch it  safely and efficiently, without beaching.....

Peter White of Seafever International Get started in powerboating
I have spent a number of years working at various Boat Shows and the different types of people looking for boats never ceases to amaze me. One thing for certain is that their type of boating.....

'Man Overboard'
We all tend to forget our own mortality, and think that the nasty, things at sea always happen to someone else. But, remember ..... to the rest of us, YOU ARE someone else! ......

Towing  - a guide
I speak from mainly very good experience but on one occasion very bitter experience !! Please make sure your boat is properly strapped down to the trailer and make sure it is weighted correctly......

Learning the ropes - a beginners story
"Too many people shy away from taking the approved training route through, I assume, the fear of ridicule at the hands of their peers, so they carry on as ......

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission Hypothermia - how to deal with it
Hypothermia is a serious threat to Northwest boaters, and it takes the lives of several Washingtonians each years.  Our marine waters and most of the state's lakes and streams.....

New Powerboat book
Read about the RYA powerboat book  here

New Level 2 Certificate!

New improved Level 2 certificate. Read about it here

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How familiar are you with the SOLAS V regulations that came into force in 2002? If you've not heard about them them you need to as they affect your boating and probably your insurance...visit the articles section to learn more