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 The RYA Powerboat Scheme

The RYA Powerboat Scheme has become hugely  successful because the courses that form it deliver the skills that boaters need. The scheme comprises 5 courses with training available to those from age 8 upwards. The document below explains the structure of the scheme.

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(Thanks to Powerboat Training UK for the use of their document)

The best way to work out which course works for you is to discuss your situation with a RYA Training Centre. This section of the website aims to give you a bit more background information to be able to get a good feel for what suits you.

Children:  Level 1 can be taught to children aged 8 and over  (although launching will only be watched by them) whilst Level 2 to those 12 and over. Schools running these courses require a suitable child protection policy in place and must have boats suited to the children's capability.

Open the document below to read more about which course is likely to suit you.

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(Thanks to Powerboat Training UK for the use of their document)



Level 2

Level 2
This is the most popular powerboat qualification and is also known as the 'National Powerboat Certificate' . Those gaining their Level 2 can then apply to the RYA for their ICC ('International Certificate of Competence'). The course suits both those with extensive boat handling experience and those who have never stepped onto a boat before.


Intermediate Powerboat Day Cruising Course
A new course aimed at those undertaking short coastal passages. The course builds on the skills developed on the Level 2 course and arms you with the skills to confidently deal with all aspects of the planning and execution of short coastal passages.


ICC (International Certificate of Competence)
ICCs are required in many European countries when using or chartering vessels. You can acquire an ICC for up to 10m craft using the Level 2 certificate.

Advanced Advanced Powerboat course
An excellent course aimed at the keen amateur or professional powerboater keen to develop a variety of their skills including night navigation, rough water handling and search techniques.

Safety Boat Safety Boat
A course aimed at those already possessing level 2 who want/need to provide safety cover to fleets of dinghies, windsurfers or kayaks.

Level 1 Level 1
Aimed at beginners and those keen to get a taste for powerboating. A popular course for kids as the minimum age is 8!

Instructors Instructors
For those keen to bring the pleasure of powerboating to others - start as a Powerboat Instructor then progress to be an Advanced Instructor.

VHF Short Range Certificate
The VHF radio course which fully addresses the use of DSC (Digital Selective Calling)

Basic Safety & Navigation RYA Basic safety & Navigation
A 2 day theory course aimed at those keen to enhance their knowledge on subjects such as navigation, weather, chartwork etc but without the time necessary for the Dayskipper Course.

Dayskipper (Theory) RYA Dayskipper shorebased
A theory course aimed at those keen to enhance their knowledge on subjects such as navigation, weather, chartwork etc.



New Powerboat book
Read about the RYA powerboat book  here

New Level 2 Certificate!

New improved Level 2 certificate. Read about it here

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This site was founded back in 1999 as a resource for powerboaters interested in furthering their boat handling skills via training or simply reading about how to handle their craft better. Since its inception it remains the only site dedicated to powerboat training and is ranked No1 for Powerboat Training by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. The site has been reviewed by a variety of magazines and websites and its content is regularly used by other more mainstream sites.
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