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PowerboatTraining Website


 The Powerboat Training Website

Welcome to the Powerboat Training website.

Established for over fifteen years the Powerboat Training website has been created to help you further your powerboating & RIB handling skills by providing information on courses, power boat schools, RYA training and general information on sportsboats and RIBs. 

Whether you go boating in a RIB, a sportsboat or a cruiser,  powerboating is exhilarating, fun and fast. Attending a suitable training course is increasingly being viewed as the means to get more from your boat through a better understanding of its capabilities and of how to harness its power.

This site contains plenty that should be of interest to all powerboaters whether you want to obtain formal qualifications or you simply want someone to spend time with you and your boat to enable you to get the most from it. 

Contained within the site you will find news, views and articles which we hope will both interest you and really be of benefit to you. The articles, many of which have been penned by well known powerboating instructors, cover all aspects of safe powerboating and aim to enhance understanding of the many varied aspects of handling a high speed planing craft.

The section on approved powerboat schools will introduce you to a select group of powerboat schools based around the UK and overseas. These schools are well placed to work with you to develop your powerboating ability so contact them to discuss your specific requirements.

If this site is really going to work then you must return to it. So, what do you want to see covered?, what do you like and dislike about the site?. To tell us fill in the on-line form and send us your views good or bad!

New RYA Online VHF Course!!
January 2014 sees the launch of the new RYA Online VHF Course.

See the video explaining the course below

Most of the centres that appear on this site will be running this new course so contact them to sign up.

More information from the RYA here


RYA Powerboat Handbook now in its 2nd edition and 3rd reprint!


The RYA Powerboat Handbook was first launched in 2005 with the revamped and improved  2nd edition launched in 2009. Since 2009 it has enjoyed 3 reprints and is consistently a RYA bestseller.  The book was written to support the RYA powerboat courses and has been translated so far into German, Italian and Portuguese.

The German translation of the book

The RYA Powerboat Handbook' was written by Powerboat Trainer, Paul Glatzel who has been passionate about the water since his teens. Paul runs a powerboat school in Poole (www.powerboat-training-uk.co.uk) provides a valuable source of training information via his contributions to www.powerboat-training.co.uk  and a variety of other books and magazines.

With a foreword by 6 times world powerboat racing champion Steve Curtis, Steve states  "No matter what type of powered craft that you use, RIBs, fast planing craft, dive boats, fishing boats, or a boat for waterskiing, you need training and knowledge and this is where this book comes in. It will prove to be not only a perfect learning tool but an invaluable reference".

Buy the book here

 Schools    Courses
It can be difficult to choose the school to take a course at as there are so many to choose from and it is not always clear what course best suits a particular person' s needs. In this section we introduce a select group of schools and some criteria to assess them by...(more)
What course should you take, what does it entail is it suited to your level of experience? In this section we answer these and many similar questions...(more)
 Who are the RYA?    Articles
The RYA are the governing body of all aspects of leisure boating in the UK. They are responsible for....(more)
This section  contains a series of articles covering subjects such as anchoring, boat handling, collision regs and numerous other subjects. Many of the articles are penned by well known Instructors such as Dave Mallett, Paul Glatzel, Peter White & Dave Robson amongst others  ...(more)
Your feedback counts!
 Ever since we started the site we've welcomed receiving feedback from our visitors - indeed some have even contributed to various areas of the site! If the site is going to continue to improve then you must revisit it. You will only do this if the site is alive, ever changing reflecting the developing interests and needs of its audience. So please take the time to contact us with comments, thoughts, suggestions and perhaps even an article or two. Either fill in the feedback form or email us at paul@powerboat-training.co.uk
New Powerboat book
Read about the RYA powerboat book  here

New Level 2 Certificate!

New improved Level 2 certificate. Read about it here

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This site was founded back in 1999 as a resource for powerboaters interested in furthering their boat handling skills via training or simply reading about how to handle their craft better. Since its inception it remains the only site dedicated to powerboat training and is ranked No1 for Powerboat Training by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. The site has been reviewed by a variety of magazines and websites and its content is regularly used by other more mainstream sites.
How familiar are you with the SOLAS V regulations that came into force in 2002? If you've not heard about them them you need to as they affect your boating and probably your insurance...visit the articles section to learn more


All material on this site is copyright Powerboat Training UK or where reproduced from a magazine then copyright the magazine in question. - 230110