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Scroll down the page for links through to a number of schools. Click on the school's name to link through to much more info about the school.

Please mention this website when you contact the schools

Click here for help on how to assess the schools that you are considering. Remember to verify (via www.rya.org.uk ) that any school you consider using is an accredited training centre.

1 Level 1 Y-T Yachtmaster Theory
2 Level 2 FA First Aid
ICC International Certificate of Competence VHF VHF
SB Safety Boat DE Diesel Engine
A Advanced MC Motor Cruising Helmsman
PBI Powerboat Instructor D Dayskipper (Motor)
APBI Advanced Powerboat Instructor CS Coastal Skipper (Motor)
D-T Dayskipper Theory Y Yachtmaster (Motor)
CS-T Coastal Skipper Theory OBT Own boat tuition
PWC Personal Watercraft SS Sea Survival


Powerboat Training UK,  Poole,  Dorset

more info

Courses: 1, 2, ICC, A, PBI, APBI, D-T, CS-T, Y-T, FA, VHF, DE, Radar, SS, OBT, PWC, MC, D, CS, Y, SB Others offered: Various
Web: www.powerboattraininguk.co.uk/ Location: Cobbs Quay, Poole, & The Solent
Email: paul@powerboattraininguk.co.uk Phone: 01202 686666
About the school:    

Powerboat Training UK is a RYA Training Centre operating from based at the excellent MDL Marina at Cobbs Quay in Poole Harbour in Dorset.


We offer a the full range  of powerboat and shorebased courses to powerboaters from those first starting out in boating to professional organisations ranging from military users to engineering companies. The school is run by Paul Glatzel. Paul is an RYA Powerboat Trainer (meaning he trains Instructors for other schools) and writes for various magazines and journals  (more)



Lymington Town School of Powerboating, Lymington

more info

Courses: 1, 2, ICC, A,  D-T, CS-T, Y-T, FA, VHF, DE, Radar, SS, OBT, MC, D, CS, Y, SB Others offered:  
Web: www.ltsc.co.uk. Location: Lymington
Email: school@ltsc.co.uk Phone: 01590 674514
About the school:    

The school is based at  Lymington Town Sailing School and arguably possesses one of the best views of the Solent available. The school is run by Robin Pratt who is always available to discuss your particular requirements.  (more)


Oceanpro, South of France

Oceanpro - The South of France RYA Sea School offering ICC, VHF, Level Two Powerboating, Dayskipper, Yachtmater, Jetski licences, CEVNI tests, own boat tuition, help coding your boat, yacht managment, deliveries to your boat.

more info

Courses: 1, 2, ICC, A,  D-T, CS-T, Y-T, FA, VHF, DE, Radar, SS, OBT, MC, D, CS, Y Others offered:  
Web: www.oceanpro.co.uk Location: South of France
Email: info@oceanpro.co.uk Phone: +33 4 93 53 65 95
About the school:    

The emphasis of every Oceanpro powerboat course is on quality training, taught in a friendly, professional manner.   (more)


Plymouth Powerboat School,  Plymouth

Plymouth Powerboat School

more info

Courses: 1, 2, ICC, SB, A, PBI, APBI, D-T, CS-T, Y-T, FA, VHF, SS, OBT Others offered:  
Web: www.powerboatschool.com Location: Plymouth
Email: training@powerboatschool.com Phone: 01752 255700
About the school:    

Quality RYA/MCA Powerboat and Shorebased Training from Complete Beginner (including Level 2/ICC) to Advanced Powerboat Instructor (including Commercial Endorsement).  All courses are delivered by Professional, Experienced Instructors with a Passion for Powerboating.  We train 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.   (more)


Safewater Sea Training School, The Wirral

Safewater Training Sea School

more info

Courses: 1, 2, ICC, SB, A, OBT, PWC, PBI, APBI, VHF, DE, FA, D-T, CS-T, Y-T, Sea Survival, Radar Others offered:  
Web: www.safewater.co.uk Location: The Wirral, Merseyside
Email: info@safewater.co.uk Phone: 0151 630 0466
About the school:    

Our purpose built center is able to offer you a modern comfortable working environment for both theory and practical training.  The waters of Liverpool Bay without a doubt offer the most challenging training environment in the Northwest of England.  (more)


Salcombe Powerboat School, Salcombe, Devon

Salcombe Powerboat School

more info

Courses: 1, 2, ICC, SB,  A, OBT Others offered:  
Web: www.salcombepowerboats.co.uk/ Location: Salcombe, Devon
Email: chris@salcombepowerboats.co.uk Phone: 01548 842727
About the school:    

Salcombe Powerboat School is based in the beautiful waters of the Salcombe estuary.  (more)


Seafever International, Itchenor, West Sussex

more info

Courses: 1, 2, SB, ICC, A, OBT, PBI, APBI, FA Others offered:  
Web: www.seafever.net Location: Itchenor, Sussex
Email: seafever_int@hotmail.com  Phone: 01342 316293
About the school:    

Seafever (International) Limited offers a personalised service, specialising in powerboat training. Our courses are run on the days you choose and at the level to suit you.  (more)


Sea-n-Shore, Salcombe

more info

Courses: 1,2 ICC, SB, A, D-T, CS-T, Y-T, FA, DE, OBT Others offered: Various
Web: www.sea-n-shore.com Location: Salcombe
Email: ali@sea-n-shore.com Phone: 01548 842276
About the school:    

Salcombe Sea-N-Shore are a professional RYA powerboat training school and operate powerboat courses from powerboat level one through to the advanced powerboat course from Salcombe and Dartmouth in South Devon. We also offer in addition to powerboat training courses the RYA VHF radio, First Aid, Day Skipper Theory courses in both power and sail, Sea N Shore also offer a host of watersports activities, corporate events, team building and experience days. All Sea N Shore instructors are selected based not only on their extensive boat experiences but also their ability to train and help gain the most out of your course.  (More)


Sea Training Services, Eastbourne

more info

Courses: 1,2 ICC, SB, D-T, FA, DE, OBT Others offered: Radar
Web: www.seatrainingsussex.co.uk Location: Eastbourne
Email: info@harwellcharters.co.uk Phone: 07713 639066
About the school:    

The principal and owner of STS is Mark Sawyer and the Senior instructor is Guy Emery. Both have extensive seagoing experience and provide professional, friendly training directed entirely at giving you the skills you need. Mark is the Coxswain of the Eastbourne Lifeboat and Guy is a local paramedic. Guy is also the medic on the Eastbourne lifeboat. (More)


Seawise Power, Greenwich, London

more info

Courses: 1, 2, ICC, A, OBT, VHF Others offered:  
Web: www.seawise-power.com Location: Greenwich, London
Email: seawise@rya-online.net Phone: 07944 092072
About the school:    

Seawise Powerboat School is based in Greenwich in the shadow of the Millennium Dome. This is on the tidal section of the Thames and affords an excellent environment for powerboat training. The school can also offer training in the somewhat warmer climes of Lanzarote  (more)


Sovereign Sportsboat Training, Eastbourne

more info

Courses: 1, 2, ICC, SB, A, OBT, PWC, D-T, CS-T, Y-T, FA, VHF Others offered:  
Web: www.sovereign-sportsboat.co.uk Location: Eastbourne & Brighton Marinas
Email: mail@ryatraining.org.uk Phone: 01323 470844
About the school:    

Sovereign Sportsboat Training is based in the largest composite marina development in the UK, Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne. With its superb facilities the harbour offers an ideal environment for practicing the skills needed to handle modern sportsboats safely. As our mission statement clearly states;  (more)


Stormforce Coaching, Southampton

Stormforce Coaching

more info

Courses: 1, 2, ICC, A, PBI, APBI, D-T, CS-T, Y-T, FA, VHF, DE, MC, D, CS, Y, OBT, SS Others offered:  
Web: www.stormforce.biz Location: Southampton
Email: coaching@stormforce.biz Phone: 02380 231122
About the school:    

Based in Southampton, Stormforce Coaching make use of the entire Solent and English Channel. They run the full range of RYA powerboat, shorebased, motor cruising and sail cruising courses, from complete beginner to instructor.  (more)


Tiger Bay Training, Cardiff Bay

more info

Courses: 1, 2, ICC,  SB, A, OBT, VHF Others offered:  


Location: Cardiff Bay



07801 734322

About the school:    

Tiger Bay Training is a powerboat school based in the glorious location of Cardiff Bay. This entry will be improved in due course. In the meantime call Alan for more information  (more)


Dave Mallett's Wavelength Training, NW England

more info

Courses: 1, 2, ICC, A, OBT, PBI, APBI Others offered:  
Web: www.wavelengthtraining.co.uk Location: NW England
Email: info@wavelengthtraining.co.uk Phone: 01253 876834 or  07867 555 129
About the school:    

Dave Mallett's Wavelength Training: is an RYA recognised powerboat school in the NW of England, and are recognised by Humber RIBs as their official training school. We teach lifeguards and the local HM Coastguard boat crews, as well as divers, boat fishermen, professional boat users and, of course, people like ourselves who just enjoy powerboating!. (more)

New Powerboat book
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New Level 2 Certificate!

New improved Level 2 certificate. Read about it here

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